Thursday, March 15, 2012

Milight - DJ Krush

DOWNLOAD: Milight - DJ Krush


Born: 1962 in Tokyo, Japan

Genre: Electronic

Years Active: '90s, '00s

Japanese turntablist and husbandman DJ Krush is one of the roughly any island-nation throw-ups to be delivered of existence embraced by the global haunch-spring world. Releasing material through Sony in Japan, Mo'Wax and Virgin in the U.K., and Axiom, Shadow, and A&M in America, Krush's reckless brand of experimental, (largely) instrumental haunch-hop has been praised by everyone from hardcore subterraneous haunch-hop 'zines like The Bomb to the speckless offices of Rolling Stone and Spin. Beginning vital principle of the cl~s who a bedroom DJ in the intervening-'80s following...

Track list

From Rino
Shin-Sekai (act of dexterity. Rino)
Jikan No Hashi
From Stash
Real (shuffle. Tragedy)
From Tragedy
Listen (act. Shawn J. Period)
From Shawn J. Period
Supanova (act of facility. Finsta Bundy)
From Finsta Bundy
Jikan No Hashi
From DJ Cam
Le Temps
From Kemuri Production
Hitotsu No Mirai (act of dexterity. Kemuri Production)
From Futura 2000
From DJ Krush
Jikan No Hashi
From Lee Q
From Mos Def
Shinjiro (act of ability. Mos Def)
From Ken "Duro" Ifill
Light (Can You See It?) [achievement. Kenny Ifill]
Mind Games (feat. Eri Ohno)
From Eri Ohno
Skin Against Skin (realization. Deborah Anderson)
Stepping Stones - The Self-Remixed Best
Stepping Stones - The Self-Remixed Best
Stepping Stones - The Self-Remixed Best
The Message At the Depth
Stepping Stones - The Self-Remixed Best

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