Monday, March 19, 2012

TTC - Bob Brier - History of Ancient Egypt

TTC - Bob Brier - History of Ancient Egypt

TTC - Bob Brier - History of Ancient Egypt

HASH: fe85c778eab0083c378e7c3b61c0e1f23ced5a6e

*TTC - Bob Brier - History of Ancient Egypt.rar

+Lecture 01 Introduction.mp3

+Lecture 02 Prehistoric Egypt.mp3

+Lecture 03 Ancient Egyptian Thought.mp3

+Lecture 04 Napoleon and the Beginnings of Egyptology.mp3

+Lecture 05 The Rosetta Stone, and Much More.mp3

+Lecture 06 The First Nation in History.mp3

+Lecture 07 The Rise of the Old Kingdom.mp3

+Lecture 08 Sneferu, the Pyramid Builder.mp3

+Lecture 09 The Great Pyramid of Giza.mp3

+Lecture 10 The End of the Old Kingdom.mp3

+Lecture 11 The First Intermediate Period.mp3

+Lecture 12 The Middle Kingdom Dynasty XI.mp3

+Lecture 13 The Middle Kingdom Dynasty XII.mp3

+Lecture 14 The Second Intermediate Period.mp3

+Lecture 15 Joseph in Egypt.mp3

+Lecture 16 The Beginning of the New Kingdom The Fabulous XVIIIth Dynasty.mp3

+Lecture 17 Queen Hatshepsut.mp3

+Lecture 18 Obelisks.mp3

+Lecture 19 Tuthmosis III King At Last.mp3

+Lecture 20 The Fabulous XVIIIth Dynasty Rolls On.mp3

+Lecture 21 Akhenaten, the Heretic Pharaoh.mp3

+Lecture 22 The Discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.mp3

+Lecture 23 The Murder of Tutankhamen.mp3

+Lecture 24 Medicine The Necessary Art.mp3

+Lecture 25 The End of Dynasty XVIII.mp3

+Lecture 26 Mummification How We Know What We Know.mp3

+Lecture 27 What Mummies Tell Us.mp3

+Lecture 28 Making a Modern Mummy.mp3

+Lecture 29 Dynasty XIX Begins.mp3

+Lecture 30 Ramses the Great The Early Years.mp3

+Lecture 31 Ramses the Great The Later Years.mp3

+Lecture 32 The Exodus Did It Happen (q).mp3

+Lecture 33 The Decline of Dynasty XIX.mp3

+Lecture 34 Dynasty XX The Decline Continues.mp3

+Lecture 35 Ancient Egyptian Magic.mp3

+Lecture 36 Dynasty XXI Egypt Divided.mp3

+Lecture 37 Dynasty XXII Egypt United.mp3

+Lecture 38 Dynasty XXV The Nubians Have Their Day.mp3

+Lecture 39 Dynasty XXVI The Saite Period.mp3

+Lecture 40 Dynasty XXVII The Persians.mp3

+Lecture 41 Dynasties XXVIII to XXXI The Beginning of the End.mp3

+Lecture 42 Alexander the Great.mp3

+Lecture 43 The First Ptolemies.mp3

+Lecture 44 The Middle Ptolemies The Decline.mp3

+Lecture 45 Animal Mummies.mp3

+Lecture 46 Cleopatra's Family.mp3

+Lecture 47 Cleopatra The Last Ptolemy.mp3

+Lecture 48 The Grand Finale.mp3

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